• 5 Ways To Style Your Denim Overalls

    0 comments — Monday Aug 01 2016

    Overalls likely aren't a part of your everyday look, but they're an ultra casual piece every woman should own. They are suitable for almost any occasion; you can pair them with heels for a more chic look, or with sneakers for a more casual one. Get inspired by a few bloggers' looks below.
    1. Denim on Denim

    2. With a White Shirt

    3. Stripes Shirt

    4. Crop it

    5. With a Sweater

    Let's see how our local influencers Vanessa and Xinlin wear it

    Get yours here

  • Model Off Duty

    0 comments — Wednesday Jun 29 2016

    Models make their off-duty style seem so easy. Even when running from show to show during fashion month, models still manage to look impossibly stylish at all times. Their secret? Well, aside from perfect genetics, these runway stars stick to easy basics that always work together. 

    Wonder how is it like being an agency model? We did a short interview with our model, Charlotte.

    1. A little introduction about yourself
      I love poetry and cats. In fact, I love poetry so much I named my cat after a poet: Emily Dickinson. 

    2. What are you currently doing now?
      I'm currently a poor student at NTU - I'm an English major minoring in Creative Writing. My best friend often complements my courage to pursue a degree with "no future". *weeps* But I love what I do.

    3. How do you manage work (modeling etc) and school?
      I'm terrible at multi-tasking (lol). I wouldn't say I manage both school and work at the same time. During my "crazy" period, which I think is the second half of my semester, I abandon all work in an attempt to scrape by.

    4. How did you started and how is it like modeling with an agency?
      It all started with The New Paper New Face 2011 - I was 17 then, so I'm a very old face. I got scouted, I competed and, rather surprisingly, got first-runner up. After that I've been modeling on and off (because being very Singaporean, study first!). I was signed to an agency soon after the competition but after 2 years, I decided freelancing was a better choice for me as I could not commit to a modeling career. My current agency is really easygoing, so there's no pressure to constantly impress, and I get to control my own image. Moreover, it helps that my bookers are really nice and understanding about my modeling choices, like when I tell them I'm not comfortable to do a swimsuit shoot or I have school so I can't take the job. Ultimately, I think it's important to find an agency that suits your ethics, so I'm rather happy.  

    5. What do you do during your free time? Do you work out or watch your diet to keep your figure?
      "Il bel far niente" - the beauty of doing nothing, is my ideal. I don't consciously watch my diet or work out, but I try to be healthy. I drink lemon water everyday, because I love it. I avoid processed food and sweets. I do the minimum exercise required for a healthy individual.  

    6. Describe your everyday style and what are your top 3 picks from PeppyThread?
      Basic and comfortable (Totally! We see her coming in basics for every shoot; the off duty model look!) I love everything in the upcoming collection, "off duty"! My picks are:

      Tinker Dress (Grey)

      Oriana Dress (White)

      Lordele Culottes (Green)

    Got your model off duty basics yet?




  • The Pastel Explosion

    0 comments — Tuesday Jun 14 2016

    Welcome to the world of pastel hues where the soothing tones showed up on the runways. We got you some inspiration and definitely fashion blogger-approved ways to wear pastels this spring. 

    Bringing you lots of pastels in pinafold, dungaree, peplums, shoelace, culottes etc. We got you covered for work or play.


    Julene (@juleneang)

  • How to wear culottes like a pro?

    0 comments — Monday Mar 28 2016

    This spring and summer is all about the loose cropped trousers. Styling these pants can be tricky, but we've got your back. So whether you're wearing your culottes on a date, out for brunch on the weekend, or to work (yes, it's possible).
    Whether you’re tall or petite, lanky or curvy, there’s a culotte out there for you. Read on for our tips for culotte beginners on how to make this trend work for you. And don’t be surprised if you start to amass a pile of them in your closet in no time at all—culottes are totally addicting!

    1. Think of them like an A-line skirt and go from there
      Think of them as you would an A-line skirt when going about styling them (tucking in a blouse, for example, or choosing a high-waist pair and adding a crop top), and stick to basic colors like black, navy, and off-white to get yourself started. Before you know it, you’ll be living in culottes and experimenting with fun prints and colors, but this is the best way to start.

    2. The best length is midcalf
      It gives the appearance of wearing a fun swingy skirt. If you’re on the petite side, opt for a pair that falls right below the knee, and tailor them if you need to.

    3. Wearing culottes well is all about your shoes
      Sleek ladylike options (you really can’t go wrong with a pair of pointy toe pumps with a slim heel) work best, and will instantly elongate your shape. For advanced culottes wearers, think of the pants as your carte blanche to go to town with more daring options like a thick-heeled platform or loafers.

    4. Don’t be afraid to play with proportions
      The width and length of culottes can vary by quite a lot, the pants are usually high-waisted, which means they work particularly well with a top on the shorter side of things. It doesn’t have to be a crop top, but it should fall above your hip so your mid-section doesn’t end up looking wider than it is. Another way to wear them is with a tucked in blouse, which is a great look for the office.

    5. Yes, you can most definitely wear them well into fall
      Culottes are most definitely not just a summer staple, they will carry you well into fall. Wear them with stalking peeking out, a blazer and a scarf for those slightly chilly days, or even with boots, which will give the illusion that you are wearing a continuous pair of pants

    Get your hands on a pair of pastel culottes now. Feat. Harran Culottes

    Share with us how you style it on Instagram #peppythread 


    Julene (@juleneang)

  • How To Recharge And Find Happiness This Year

    0 comments — Sunday Jan 03 2016

    Holla! It's 2016 already, don't time pass too fast?

    We love new beginnings, feels like a new chance to chase our goals, chase our dream job, peruse our passion and to reinvent ourselves. Trust that the bad have passed and this year will be better. 

    Below are a few tips that we hope will help you to live a positive life this year:

    1. Get a pretty planner
    It helps you to keep track of your schedules so you don't get overwhelmed with trying to remember everything.

    2. Push yourself to think positively
    Positive thinking helps me improving quality of life and creating happiness. This, in turn, opens the mind to opportunity and allows more potential for making progress.

    3. Establish both Short term and Long term goals
    By setting them, it allows you to focus on what you want to achieve and where to concentrate your efforts.

    4. Detox your clutters
    Your table and of cos a fresh wardrobe!

    5. Be wise on building important friendships
    By that we do not mean that you only be friends who are of use to you but cultivate lasting and loving friendships. Surround yourself with friends who see the good in you, who believes in you. We believe that as you grow older, you'll realize that it's so important to have real friendships than lots of friends. Quality > Quantity!

    6. And ease out toxic ones
    You are as good as the people you surround yourself with. Letting go of people who do not nourish your authentic self is an essential part of self love.

    7. Simplify your life
    It means getting ride of the many things you do so you can spend time with the people you love and doing things you love. Identify what's most important to you and eliminate everything else.

    8. Practice self-love
    We can't emphasize how important this is. As we grow up, there'll be peer pressures and comparisons. Please know that you are so very special and there is no one else in the world like you. Try loving and positive affirmations. Try telling yourself something positive when you wake up everyday - anything that will make you :)

    9. Express gratitude
    People who express gratitude on a regular basis have higher levels of optimism, physical well-being, alertness and determination. When you practice gratitude, worries and other negative emotions will fall by the wayside.

    To a brand new you!

    Julene (@juleneang)
  • Let @polkadope take you to Japan

    0 comments — Thursday Nov 26 2015

    If you followed us on Instagram (@peppythread), you would have know Vanessa (@polkadope) took over our IG for 3 days during her 5th trip to Japan this year. Below are the snippets of Vanessa's trip and her picks:

    @Yokohama. Every location just seems like a perfect place for #ootd
    We would really love to be there. Maybe next April for Sakura? Who's heading there too?

    @polkadope's favourite pick with her during this trip. Feat. Peyton Outerwear. 
    Get yours via backorder now

    Her must have brunch in Tokyo

    Keeping warm in Lucile Pullover.
    Grey is available via backorder
    Van does it the sporty chic way; matching it with torn jeans and white sneakers. Just the way we like it.

    Favorite soba in her favorite country before heading out to Yoyogi Park

    @Yoyogi Park

    Feat. Noelle Outerwear. Both colors are on backorder.
    Not to mention the material is just right for Singapore's Summer weather

    Stay tune and we'll be back with an interview with @polkadope :)

    Julene (@juleneang)
  • 10 ways to rock a stripe shirt

    0 comments — Sunday Sep 13 2015

    There's nothing like a stripe shirt - they are so cool, classic, casual or formal just about any style. Let's get some inspiration from how 10 other women pull off their stripe shirt look!

    Get the denim shorts look: Kaitlyn Denim Shorts

    Own your stripe shirt now. Shop here



  • Get to know Shijia

    0 comments — Monday Jul 06 2015

    Hello girls,

    It's been 2 years since PeppyThread was founded, let us take you behind the scene of an outdoor shoot and something exclusive, read on to find out more!


    Don't you ever want to find out more about the gorgeous model, Shijia? Yesss, we did an exclusive interview with her. 
    Tell us more about yourself?

    Hi! I'm Shijia and I'm turning 22 this year. I'm a Blogshop model and a social media influencer. 

    What do you do during your free time?

    Most of the days, I'll be out doing photoshoots, so when I do get free time, I really enjoy staying home, catching up on sleep and just chilling. I'm also very game when it comes to hunting for good food. 

    If you can only wear one item from your wardrobe forever, what would it be and why?
    I wish I could pick more than one, because I'm not the kind of person who only sticks to one style, but if I have to choose, I guess it'd be a minimalist jumpsuit. Because it's a staple, it's comfy and can be used to dress up or dress down. 

    How would you go about styling your daily outfits? Any tips for our customers?
    It depends. Some days, I really like to go casual, throw on a tee and jeans, and tone down on accessories. When I'm channeling casual, I like to play it up with sneakers and a cap for a sporty vibe. Some days, I'd be more diligent and dress up. When I do dress up, I like to make the whole getup look more classy by adorning accessories - statement necklace/earrings/rings etc. 

    One tip I always adhere to: Don't over-accessorize. If you're wearing a statement necklace, skip that chunky earrings. Too much might prove to be a distraction rather than emphasise your ensemble. 

    Any quotes/inspirations?
    Never let anyone dull your sparkle. 

    Yep that's right!

    Follow Shijia:
    Instagram - @cheshijia

  • Happy 2nd Birthday to us!

    0 comments — Saturday Jun 20 2015

    As the title says, it's our 2nd birthday!

    Time flies, thank you for the support for the last 2 years. We truly appreciate it and we couldn't have done it without you. Feel free to drop us any feedbacks (or compliments we hope!) at :)

    Here's our video campaign if you missed it :

    Hope you girls like the lookbook and video! :)

  • Our pick for Valentine's Day

    0 comments — Sunday Feb 08 2015

    Hello babes,

    Being a fan of the flower and chocolate-filled holiday, we're guessing you've already got some plans for February 14. Hot date? Girls' Night?  Perhaps you've already purchased your 50 Shades of Grey tickets? Whatever your plans may be you'll need something festive to wear.

    And that's where we come in, our picks for this Valentine's Day. Quote "WELOVEU" for 10% off! *Valid till 14 Feb 2359 :)

    Lots of love, from us to you. Enjoy your night with your girlfriends or the one

    Julene (@juleneang)



  • We ♥ your #ootd (s) !

    0 comments — Monday Jun 23 2014

    Hello sweeties!
    Hope your Monday is not so blue today :) Follow us on @peppythread on instagram cos we will be posting a inspirational or motivation quote every Monday to keep you going! #peppythreadmonday 

    Thank you for tagging us your #ootds #peppythread on instagram. It brightens up our day to see you in our outfit, gives us a sense of satisfaction seeing you girls rocking it! You may also stand a chance to win $5 e-voucher for your next purchase, so why not! :)

    As we were scrolling through our instagram and consolidating all the outfits, bring us back 1 year of memories. From launch to sales to christmas 2013, chinese new year 2014, valentine's day and 1 year anniversary.

    Here you go!

    Thank you girls ♥

    Till then!

    Julene (@juleneang)
  • We failed terribly

    0 comments — Tuesday May 27 2014

    As the title says, we failed terribly. We failed terribly in updating as frequently as we promised :(

    So here are the ads that we have done over the months! Keep your eyes glued here as we show you how the lovely bloggers managed to pull off PeppyThread's outfit. Do #peppythread in your #ootd on Instagram so we can do up a next post of you pretty girls too! :)

    @mongabong in Talford Mesh Skirt (White)

    @euniceannabel in Kaley Midi Skirt

    @euniceannabel in Sofia Midi Dress (Navy)

    @mongabong in Wylda Skorts Playsuit (Green)

    @tippytoess in Nicolette Bandage Top (White) & Ellison Bandage Skirt (White)

    @jamietyj in Gwyneth Floral Tube Dress

    @asyihaams in Thea Mesh Skirt

    @euniceannabel in Jillette Strappy Dress (Black)

    @melissackoh in Mandy Floral Skirt (Nude)

    @mongabong in Mandy Floral Skirt (Navy) & Brigitte Cropped Top (White)

    @elainejasmine in Kylie Peplum Hem Skirt

    @rchlwngxx in Khloe Dress (White)

    @beixin in Taylor Dress (Black)

    Don't you agree all of them look amazing? 
    Now #peppythread and wait up for our next post! :)


    Julene (@juleneang)

  • An Autumn Affair

    0 comments — Thursday Jan 23 2014

    Once again it's been so long since we last updated!
    Thank you for being with us all these while, through 2013 and though we are 23 days late, still; HAPPY NEW YEAR sweethearts!
    We promise to update this blog more regularly :)

    Exclusively from overseas, get yours here!
    So glad you guys love basics as much as we do, it is so easy to match. Flaunt your sexy shoulder with the off-shoulder top.
    Exclusively from overseas too.
    Model/ Blogger Elaine Jasmine's pick too!

    We are still not done with peplum. Now it's peplum hem! Perfect for corporate wear. Who says office wear is boring?
    One of our favorite pick!

  • Fall's Colours

    0 comments — Sunday Nov 03 2013

    Prints and colors! We love this collection so much, it is so cheery and we hope it brightens up your day at work or in school!
    Playsuits, Off-shoulder tops, Skater Dresses. 
    We have brought back Chelsea Off-Shoulder Top but this time round in black!
    Another basic color to match with any bottoms!
    How can we miss out sucha sweet playsuit :) Flora and playsuits? Our favorite! Best combination
    Blogger Donna's pick!
    You can read her reviews here

    0 comments — Friday Sep 13 2013

    Hello babes! How have you been?
    Apologies that we have been missing for quite a while, hope you've missed us! We are finally launching another collection this upcoming Sunday! It's a collection of WORK . LOVE . PLAY.
    We are loving the simple yet sexy Colette Dress, available in 3 stable colours plus a must-have Regan Stripe Skirt. We say its purrfectt for work! And next we have the Janelle Dress for love, glam it up with a pair of heels and you are good to go on a date with your prince ♥ Not forgetting to Play as well, Ainsley Dress is also good for school and brunch dates with the girl friends! Prefer something more chic and edgy, we've brought in Riley Vest too.

    Hope you love this collection as much as we do. Hop over to our Facebook page to join the 'like' & 'share' contest and stand a chance to win an apparel of your choice :) Good Luck ladies!

  • Summer Heaven

    0 comments — Monday Jul 01 2013


    We love basics, match it however you want :)

    Yellow top lifts up our mood instantly! 

    Check out blogger Zoe Raymond in Abbie Top! 



    Head turner bodycon dress. We came one for ourselves too!

    Model blogger Asyiha's pick! Gorgeous lady

    And she wore it for her event :D 


    Casual yet chic. Pair it with bright accessories, heels and you're good to go!

    Blogger Sophia's pick in pale yellow!


    What's your pick from this collection?





    0 comments — Tuesday Jun 18 2013

    Hellllooo!  Summer Lovin's our first launched for PeppyThread.

    Here are some of our favorites! What's yours?

    Who doesn't love stripes?! What's more when it's the perfect length plus we love the holes at the side!

    Yes we are crazy over holes at the side now. Shimmering underlining makes it stands out more than just a basic black top! :)

    Check out model blogger Asyiha blogged about PeppyThread :)

    T-shirts & prints? Casual or dress up, you decide!

    Blogger Zoe Raymond's pick from this collection

    Check out herblog post on PeppyThread

    "This dress is such a cheery piece and I must say it's a perfect dress for a beautiful weekend! The dress is of the length I love my dresses to be and besides the prints that I adore, I love the detailed scallop trimmings at the ends of the dress! (: "

    We kept one for ourselves too! ♥

    Visually slimming effect at the waist area, contour your hourglass figure :)

    Our favorite, poppy colors brightens up our day! Wear it for brunch or a movie date ;)


    We look forward to having you with us soon! Stay tune!





  • Coming Soon

    0 comments — Friday May 17 2013

    Coming Soon